One teacher in 10 : LGBT educators share their stories

by Kevin Jennings

Paper Book, 2005


Gay and lesbian teachers have traditionally dwelt in the deepest of closets. But increasing numbers of young people are now served by teachers who are out and proud. Here, for the first time, educators from all regions of the country tell about their struggles and victories, as they have put their own careers at risk in their fight for justice.



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Los Angeles : Alyson Books, 2005.


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LibraryThing member sumariotter
I read this book because I have been considering whether I want to be a teacher. One of the main drawbacks I have always been aware of is that I know a lot of closeted teachers, and I am not willing to live that way. I found this collection of personal stories highly encouraging and inspiring. I
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was surprised to find that so many gay teachers had positive stories about coming out in the classroom. It was no surprise to find that teachers in Massachusetts had it easier than teachers in other places! But, there are even positive stories of teachers in rural areas. I still have (unrelated) reservations aout teaching, but after reading this book I would have no hesitation about being "out" as a teacher.
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Lambda Literary Award (Nominee — 1994)



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