Queer 13 : lesbian and gay writers recall seventh grade

by Clifford Chase

Paper Book, 1999


Forward by Dale Peck Seventh grade: You remember it, don't you? Sweet sixteen seemed impossibly far away, an elegant, unattainable future. All that we had was the doldrums of thirteen -- not so sweet, and definitely queer. Now, some of the finest observers of the gay experience take us back to the homerooms and hallways of our youth, in a collection of original essays that captures that time of adolescence when social and sexual development was at its raging worst. From gym class to kissing parties, obsessive crushes to after-school pummelings, every day held the possibility of discovery -- and complete humiliation. For those of us who are gay, our sexuality added another twist, that extra little way we didn't quite fit in. It was a time of becoming who we truly are, a passage into adulthood that was as memorable as it was agonizing. Queer 13 tells these tales of teenage trauma -- from funny to painful, reflective to literary -- all ringing with the universal truths of a poignant, extraordinary time.… (more)



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New York : Rob Weisbach Books, c1999.


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LibraryThing member kencf0618
It's a commonplace now that that homosexuals have always "felt different" from their peers, even from an early age. I have to hand it to these folks -who wants to remember junior high?!?
LibraryThing member iluvvideo
This book is a compelling look back at people who felt 'different' early on in their lives. Even before knowing just what that meant, they were aware and searching for some connection that they were not alone, but part of a larger community.
Some of the stories are tragic, some uplifting, but all
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illuminate the need to belong, to be accepted.
Much praise is given for the diverse group of folks who put down on paper the struggle to be themselves. It's certainly not a time I'd wish to revisit, certainly so publicly.
The book is an intriguing read for all folks looking back at their early teen years, especially those of us who felt a bit 'different'. Difficult to read at times, but nonetheless very worthwhile.
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Lambda Literary Award (Nominee — Children's/Young Adult — 1998)



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