Privilege, power, and difference

by Allan G. Johnson

Paper Book, 2001


This brief book is a groundbreaking tool for students and non-students alike to examine systems of privilege and difference in our society. Written in an accessible, conversational style, Johnson links theory with engaging examples in ways that enable readers to see the underlying nature and consequences of privilege and their connection to it.



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Mountain View, CA : Mayfield Pub., 2001.

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LibraryThing member lwobbe
Worthwhile exploration of the way racism affects us all; enough examples to convince everyone. Sadly, throughout the book we are led to believe a solution will be presented. But, short of 'change the world' no solution is presented. Still the messages seem to be 'Be the change you want to see', ,
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and 'teach your children well'.
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LibraryThing member keylawk
Professor Johnson’s social justice work focuses on what we can do to understand and change our shared legacy of life organized around oppressive systems. Where privilege is built in to the system, and power is handed to oppressors, we should try to make a difference.

Based on more than thirty
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years of work with the "facts" (not the ideologies), the book points to resolution with three questions:

* What are we participating in and how are we choosing to participate in it?
* How do typical ways of thinking about privilege blind us to what’s going on?
* What can we do to make a difference?

I like the fact that after 30 years of teaching and a life of study and investigation, he concludes that oppression is not inevitable. The choices we make matter.
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LibraryThing member xnikkiheart
Required for my "Diverse Perspectives in Education" class. Very accurately points out the problems with White Privilege and does create debates in classrooms. Very repetitive, the same ideas are brought up constantly through the 9 chapters and there doesn't seem to be any resolve. Lot's of finger
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pointing but very thought provoking as well.
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