History of the Russian Revolution

by Leon Trotsky

Other authorsMax Eastman
Paper Book, 2008


The definitive account of the Russian Revolution, by Leon Trotsky, its leader and key historian.



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Chicago, IL : Haymarket Books, 2008.

User reviews

LibraryThing member Hanuman2
Both a fine example of how to write history and how to make it.
LibraryThing member greenribbon
I said of 'My Life' that if you only read one book by Trostky then that is the one to read. If you read one other then this is it. But my guess is any one who reads my life with an open mind will be gagging to move onto this masterpiece of historical writing.
LibraryThing member Borg-mx5
First source author. Trotsky was pivotal in the success of the revolution and the beginning of the USSR.
LibraryThing member Lapsus16
Well written and very informative, this is the ultimate account of the Russian revolution by an eyewitness and major player. To be enjoyed with The Red Wheel 1917 by Solgenitsin


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