Homophobia : a weapon of sexism

by Suzanne Pharr

Paper Book, 1997


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Due October 9, 2023

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Berkeley, Calif. : Chardon Press, c1997.


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LibraryThing member Devil_llama
This book is quite dated, which of course is not the fault of the book but of the clock and calendar. It remains an issue that is important still, but many things have changed since the publication of this work. That being said, I feel that the author does not do a particularly good job of the work
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in general. Her contention is that much of the homophobia is caused by misogyny, and that homophobia has been used as a tool against feminism and feminist organizations. It's an interesting hypothesis, and almost certainly has some basis in reality, but she doesn't do a particularly good job of supporting her thesis. She presents evidence that is predominantly anecdotal, and spends most of the book on personal stories. That is fine in some sorts of books, but this book purports to do the more solid work of presenting evidence, and it fails at that task. Might be worthwhile to read, but don't get your expectations too high.
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