A history of America in ten strikes

by Erik Loomis

Paper Book, 2018


Describes ten critical worker's strikes in American labor history, including the Lowell Mill Girls strike, the Bread and Roses strike, and the Justice for Janitors strike.



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New York : The New Press, 2018.

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Erik Loomis has written an informative history of labor strikes in the United States. Contrary to its title, the book is more a history of the U.S. labor movement than a more comprehensive history of America as perceived through the perspective of workers. Nonetheless, Loomis informs readers of an
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important and often neglected aspect of American history. Readers will learn of the violence, racism, and sexism that has permeated American society and labor from the country’s start. Loomis describes in detail the roles of government, employers, and workers in the history of labor in the United States. This is a book to be read by those interested in American history, politics, social movements, business, and labor. Those wanting a deeper understanding of current events and conflicts within American society will also find this book an informative read.
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