Fundamental Problems of Marxism

by G. V. Plekhanov

Paperback, 1992


A defense of Marxism as an integral world outlook, against those who would vulgarize and/or distort it. Appendix includes "The Materialist Conception of History," and "The Role of the Individual in History."



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International Publishers Co (1992), Edition: 2nd Revised edition, 160 pages

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LibraryThing member McCaine
Just like G.V. Plekhanov's other famous work, "The Development of the Monist Theory of History", this book addresses criticisms of historical materialism as well as misrepresentations by so-called Marxists themselves. All of the relevant issues and critiques are discussed, from the contrast between
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the materialism of Marx and Feuerbach to the role of race and geography in historical development. Plekhanov defends historical materialism from detractors and misguided supporters consistently and intelligently, and this book is a must read for everyone interested in Marxism and/or historiography.

This edition also contains Plekhanov's essays "The Role of the Individual in History" and "The Materialist Conception of History", where the latter is a summary of the principles of historical materialism in the form of a review of the works of Antonio Labriola. The introduction, by a certain James Allen, is particularly excellent and goes into all the relevant points and issues with Plekhanovs work. Strongly recommended.
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