Endgame, Vol. 1: The Problem of Civilization

by Derrick Jensen

Paperback, 2006


The long-awaited companion piece to Jensen's immensely popular and highly acclaimed works A Language Older than Words and The Culture of Make Believe, Endgame stands to become Jensen's most influential book. Building on a series of simple but increasingly provocative premises, Jensen leaves us hoping for what may be inevitable: a return to agrarian communal life via the disintegration of civilisation itself. |Derrick Jensen is a rare and original voice of sanity in a chaotic world.| - Howard Zinn



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Seven Stories Press (2006), Edition: Seven Stories Press, 512 pages

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LibraryThing member csoki637
This book is full of great points, interesting ideas, and a good sense of humor. But it's sorely lacking the red pen of an editor. At over 400 pages, Jensen's book is already too long — and it's only part 1 of a two-volume series. Heaven forbid. The length makes Jensen's prose grow tiring. Some
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rambles could be cut down and reptition removed entirely. I might read Vol. 2 at some point — because Jensen's discussion of civilization is spot-on and his analysis very necessary — but after struggling through the 450-some pages of this tome, I have to take a break from Jensen's writing.
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LibraryThing member paperloverevolution
Derrick Jensen doesn't seem quite as on top of it in this book - he seems angrier and more tired, and it feels less cohesive. It's like Culture of Make Believe was a heartbreaking knife of a book, and this new one is a giant blunt axe. It is so brutal that it's difficult to get through, even for
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long-time readers of Jensen. It's given me weeks of nightmares.

Why, then, should you read it? Because this is the world we live in, and these are the facts, and at some point we will all have to face up to them, and it's just not going to get easier. Start now.
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