ADSA Member Library

Educate, Agitate, Organize.

Titles have been donated by our own members to share with the organization. Our leftist library ranges in topics:

political theory/ideology,

ethnic/minority studies,

feminism/gender studies,


political activism/participation,

civil/human rights,



diplomacy/international relations,

relevant current affairs,

relative fiction

all things left!

Please review the full library terms and conditions of library use here.


Here the gist of how it all works:

  • To check out titles you must be a member. If you are a member but don't see your name in the library, click here to become a patron of the library!
  • Once you have been made a patron of the library, the checkout password will be sent to you (its very easy to remember, but if you forget, just reach out!)
  • To check out a book, click "place hold" on the title page, find your name, and enter the password, and confirm.
  • Books are checked out one at a time and returned at our General Meetings, the first Monday of every month.
  • If a book has been lost or damaged, it is the patron's responsibility to provide a replacement or compensate for its replacement. 

 If you need to renew a book, please click here

If you need to report a book lost, damaged, or stolen, please click here

Want to suggest a book, have books to donate, or want to learn more about the lending network? Email with any and all questions. 

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