Alchemy : pre-Egyptian legacy, millennial promise

by Richard Grossinger

Book, 1979



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Call number



Richmond, Calif. : North Atlantic Books, c1979

Physical description

253 p.; 23 cm

Local notes

Sub-titled "A Guide to the Alchemical Writings of the Earth," this unique volume combines primary source documents, critical essays, poetry and art about alchemy. Though their dates are rarely listed, the included materials span from 16th century manuscripts & engravings to 1970's pen-and-ink drawings.

Most of the primary documents (manuscripts, woodcuts, etc.) are available in other books or for free online, but alchemy students will be hard pressed to find reproductions of some of the poetry and art which found its printing in the volume for the first and only time. Furthermore, the 76-page title essay ("Alchemy: pre-Egyptian Legacy, Millenial Promise"), a critical and millenia-spanning overview of the subject in all its interpretations, is available nowhere else.


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