The Body in analysis

by Nathan Schwartz-Salant

Other authorsMurray Stein
Book, 1986



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Call number



Wilmette, Ill. : Chiron Publications, c1986.

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iv, 220 p.; 23 cm

Local notes

This book is a compilation of articles and experts from books by various of Jungian analysts and edited by Nathan Schwartz and Murray Stein. The topic discussed is to review the role of the body in psychoanalysis. Jungian analysis is a "depth psychology," or psychology of the unconscious. According to Jung, the attitudes of the ego are invariably partial and prejudicial, even at the extreme utterly defective. In dreams, the unconscious presents to the ego alternative perspectives that compensate these maladaptive or dysfunctional attitudes. The unconscious challenges the ego seriously to consider these alternative perspectives. This book compiles thorough articles that discuss the body and self through Jungian Analysis. Other authors included are Donald Sandner, Sylvia Perera, Joan Chodorow, Mario Jacoby, Judith Hubback, John Allan, Ronald Schenk, and Louis Stewart.
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