Jungian child psychotherapy : individuation in childhood

by Miranda Davies

Other authorsMara Sidoli
Book, 1988



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London : Published for the Society of Analytical Psychology by Karnac, 1988.

Local notes

The library of Analytical Psychology is extending its scope by publishing in a series a collection of papers, edited by Mara Sidoli and Miranda Davies, on the subject of Jungian child psychotherapy and analysis. The book is largely the product of the training in child analysis inaugurated and directed my Dr. Michael Fordham in London over the past fifteen years. Fordham was the first to demonstrate that the self can be realized in children in a way appropriate to their age and that the archetypes function in childhood.
Three of the papers are by Michael Fordham; most of the others are by Jungian child analysts in London; three are by colleagues belonging to the International Workshop on Analytical Psychology in Childhood and Adolescence.

A general theory of Jungian psychotherapy and analysis is discernable in the papers and, above all, the copious case material puts flesh on the bones and demonstrates the practice of the skills required.
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