Hags and heroes : a feminist approach to Jungian psychotherapy with couples

by Polly Young-Eisendrath

Book, 1984



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Call number



Toronto, Canada : Inner City Books, c1984.

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184 p.; 22 cm

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Why do relationships fail? Why do partners once so comfortable with each other often wind up at odds? What effect do traditional attitudes toward women have on marriage? Are lasting, long-term relationships possible between men and women? Here is a highly original approach to couple therapy and marriage counseling, integrating feminist views with the depth psychology of C.G. Jung and developmental theories of Harry Stack Sullivan.

The focus of this book is on understanding how individual complexes interfere with harmonious relationships. The emphasis is on revaluing the feminine principle and re-assessing the nature of female authority, in individual attitudes, in relationships and on a broader collective level.

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