Puer papers

by James Hillman

Book, 1979



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Call number



Irving, Tex. : Spring Publications, 1979.

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246 p.; 23 cm

Local notes

Nine essays elaborating the puer figure - the spirit of youth and the youth of spirit - through explorations in myth, literature, pathology, and archetypal psychology: Senex and Puer by James Hillman; Peaks and Valleys by James Hillman; American Learns by Henry A. Murray; Puer Wounds and Ulysses' Scar by James Hillman; Puer's Wounded Wing: Reflections on the Psychology of Skin Disease by Randolph Severson; Notes on Opportunism by James Hillman; Artemis and the Puer by Tom Moore; Puer Aeternus: The Figure of Innocence in Melville by James Baird; On Finnegans Wake by Thomas Cowan.

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