The Eden project : in search of the magical other

by James Hollis

Book, 1998



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Toronto, Ont. : Inner City Books, c1998.

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155 p.; 22 cm

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The Process
The Self is the mystery of who we are - Jung. It is not an object or a goal, it is an activity, a process.’Reading’ the intentionality of the Self in Jungian-orientated psychology (is) presumed to be the key to healing. (p.16)

‘Consciousness is achieved only through the loss of the Other’ (p.17) There is no other way to get to consciousness about our inner world.

‘How we read our ego-selves vis a vis the Other begins at birth. The child experiences bonding, or lack thereof, as an extrapolated statement about the world at large. Is it reliable, protective, or is it unpredictable, even hurtful.’ (p.18) The child's way of dealing with this lack of connection is by engaging in’magical thinking’ (p.19)

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