Touching : body therapy and depth psychology

by Deldon Anne McNeely

Book, 1987



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Toronto, Canada : Inner City Books, c1987.

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125 p.; 22 cm

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Focus on Eros, relatedness and the healing power of touch, with an overview of pioneering body therapies, dance symbolism, transference, dream interpretation and the controversial issue of gratification in therapy.

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Both depth psychology and body therapy attempt, in different ways, to establish a dialogue between consciousness and the unconscious. Depth psychology-including traditional psychoanalytic therapies and Jung's analytical psychology-has from the beginning focused on the mind. In body therapy the emphasis is on the somatic expression of emotional problems or complexes.Touching illustrates how these disciplines, both concerned with restoring life to an ailing human psyche, may be integrated in practice.This is a unique book, dealing with connection, relatedness, Eros, the healing power of touch-through both mind and body. These creation-oriented, life-giving, traditionally feminine values, often overshadowed or devalued in Western culture, are here given their due.… (more)

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