The mermaid in the pond : an erotic fairy tale for adults

by Verena Kast

Other authorsVanessa Agnew
Book, 1999



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Call number



New York : Continuum, 1999.

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123 p.; 21 cm

Local notes

When adults read fairy tales, they are generally not just interested in what happens to the characters: they also reflect on the deeper meaning and the "moral" of the story. This compact volume includes the text of Grimms' lesser-known "Mermaid in the Pond", followed by Verena Kast's interpretation of the tale. For those of us stuck in day-to-day routines, Kast shows how to take a reading of our own "passion barometer" by making this story of love, betrayal, death, transformation and renewal our own. Through exploration of our deepest emotions regarding interpersonal relationships - in story, symbol and myth - we can finally overcome our insecurities and fears to acknowledge, and then communicate, what really turns us on.
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