Encounters with the soul : active imagination as developed by C.G. Jung

by Barbara Hannah

Book, 1981



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Santa Monica, CA : Sigo Press, c1981.

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vii, 254 p.; 23 cm

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Barbara Hannah, Jungian analyst and author, explores Jung’s method of “active imagination,” often considered the most powerful tool in analytical psychology for achieving direct contact with the unconscious and attaining greater inner awareness. Using historical and contemporary case studies, Hannah traces the human journey toward personal wholeness. This approach to confronting the unconscious is a healing process that applies to both men and women and deals in depth with the injured feminine as well as many powerful archetypal forces.

Encounters with the Soul is the first and only book I know of which can promote the understanding of 'active imagination' by illustrating through various examples, the steps, pitfalls and successes of this method of encountering the unconscious.

-Marie-Louise von Franz

Barbara Hannah (1891–1986) was born in England. She went to Zürich in 1929 to study with Carl Jung and lived in Switzerland the rest of her life. A close associate of Jung until his death, she was a practicing psychotherapist and lecturer at the C.G. Jung Institute. Her books available from Chiron include The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals; Encounters with the Soul; Jung, His Life and Work: A Biographical Memoir; and Striving Toward Wholeness.

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