Man the choicemaker

by Elizabeth Boyden Howes

Other authorsSheila Moon (Joint Author.)
Book, 1973



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Call number



Philadelphia, Westminster Press [1973]

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218 p.; 21 cm

Local notes

Howes and Moon are both analytical psychologists and their work is largely devoted to the application of Jungian principles -- that is, interpretation of unconscious symbols historically and mythologically -- within the context of man's spiritual life. The first part of the book, therefore, is devoted to the symbolic exegesis of Old Testament myths and of the parables of Jesus. The second part is concerned with what the authors term the implementing of the Way: how one can create and preserve a state of ""holy intercourse"" with the whole of existence and understand the symbols representative of the unconscious. Its aim is to provide insights into methods for dealing with such things as the egocentric patterns revealed through such symbols, the function of dialogue as encounter, projection as a means of self-discovery, meditation, prayer, and so forth. There is a minimum of jargon and much clear, positive and basic information which both the layman and counselor will find of interest.
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