Type talk : the 16 personality types that determine how we live, love, andwork

by Otto Kroeger

Other authorsJanet M. Theusen
Book, 1989



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New York : Oxford : Delta ; Distributed by Oxford Psychologists, 1989.

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xv, 293 p.; 21 cm

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Type Talk examines the four pairs of preferences that are fundamental to every personality type: Extraversion/Introversion, Sensing/iNtuition, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving. Kroeger and Thuesen provide a self-evaluation that can be used to determine which of each of these preferences best describes you. They delineate every combination of preferences—there are 16 different personality types, so you are sure to find yourself—and they go on to demonstrate how to analyze and evaluate other people as well. Once armed with this knowledge, you will learn how to thrive in a world of so many different types. Here is a celebration of the similarities and differences in people, an odyssey of discovery in which the final destination is success, satisfaction, and serenity.

User reviews

LibraryThing member maryh10000
Fun anecdotes. Not really necessary if you already have a thorough understanding of type.
LibraryThing member mykl-s
Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work by Otto Kroeger (1989)
LibraryThing member HadriantheBlind
Watered down, but practical guide to Jungian MBTI personality types.
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