Contributions to analytical psychology

by C. G. Jung

Other authorsCary F. Baynes, H. G. Baynes (Tr,)
Book, 1928



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Call number



London, New York, K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd.; Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1928.

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xi, 410 p.; 23 cm

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Contributions to Analytical Psychology By C.G. JUNG CONTENTS ON PSYCHICAL ENERGY I. General discussion of the energic viewpoint in psychology a Introduction b The possibility of measurement of psychic quantity 1. .The subjective system of values 2. The objective measure of quantity II. The application of the energic standpoint a The psychological theory of energy b The conservation of energy c Entropy d Energism and dynamism III. The fundamental concepts of the libidotheory a Progression and regression b Extraversion and introversion c The transformation of libido d Symbolmaking . IV. The primitive concept of libido SPIRIT AND LIFE . . . . 77 MIND AND THE EARTH . . ... . 99 ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND WELTANSCHAUUNG . 141 WOMAN IN EUROPE......164 MARRIAGE AS A PSYCHOLOGICAL RELATIONSHIP . . 189 THE LOVEPROBLEM OF THE STUDENT . . .204 ON THE RELATION OF ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY TO POETIC ART ........ 225 THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF BELIEF INSPIRITS ........250 INSTINCT AND THE UNCONSCIOUS . . . .270 THE QUESTION OF THE THERAPEUTIC VALUE OF ABREACTION.......282 PSYCHOLOGICAL TYPES......295 ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION . .313 THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE UNCONSCIOUS IN INDI VIDUAL EDUCATION......383 INDEX.........403

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