Woman's mysteries, ancient and modern : a psychological interpretation of the feminine principle as portrayed in myth, story, and dreams

by M. Esther Harding

Book, 1971



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Call number



New York : Harper & Row, 1976, c1971.

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xvi, 256 p.; 21 cm

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Harding, M. Esther. Woman's Mysteries. Ancient and Modern. A Psychological Interpretation of the Feminine Principle as Portrayed in Myth, Story and Dreams. Introduction by C.G. Jung. New York and others, Harper Colophon Books, 1976. 20.2cm x 13.5cm. xvi, 256 pages. Original illustrated softcover (Paperback). Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Cover slightly stained. Includes for Example: Myth and the Modern Mind/ The Moon as Giver of Fertility/ The Moon in Modern Life/ Early Representations of the Moon Deity/ The Moon Cycle of Women/ The Inner Meaning of the Moon Cycle/ The Man in the Moon/ The Moon Mother/ The Virgin Goddess/ Priests and Priestesses of the Moon/ The Sacred Marriage/ Ishtar/ Isis and Osiris/ The Sacrifice of the Son/ Rebirth and Immortality/ The Changing Moon/ Inspiration and the Self etc.

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