She : understanding feminine psychology : an interpretation based on the myth of Amor and Psyche and using Jungian psychological concepts

by Robert A. Johnson

Book, 1976



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Call number



New York : Harper & Row, 1977, c1976.

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72 p.; 18 cm

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A landmark work of psychology; the author uses the ancient myth of Amor and Psyche as the springboard for a brilliant, perceptive exploration of how one becomes a mature and complete woman.

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LibraryThing member RoyHartCentre
A Jungian classic from the 70s; simplistic in its application of psychology but popular in its time of emerging feminism.
LibraryThing member Diwanna
I really enjoyed this book. Short and concise, it takes the myth of Eros and Psyche and translates it to the psychology of the female in a fairly plausible way. All though it does not encompass all of the female psyche, it mainly focuses on love and relationships. A really fun read with come
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definite gems.
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