The book of Lilith

by Barbara Black Koltuv

Book, 1986



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York Beach, Me. : Nicolas-Hays : Distributed by S. Weiser, 1986.

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xii, 127 p.; 21 cm

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Lilith is the mythological seductress that has been repressed since Biblical times. She is the representative of the essentially motherless form of the feminine Self that arose as an embodiment of the neglected and rejected aspects of the Great Goddess. Written by a Jungian analyst, this material can help modern men and women come to terms with this aspect of the feminine within.

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LibraryThing member kyynhima
A more profound and /or extensive bibliography would have made this book ever better, since, unfortunately, the bibliographical notes and the citations are the good part that came from Koltuv's pen, making it tiresome read. The Book of Lilith is written around citations from several sources, both historical and belles-lettres, making this a pretty decent secondary reference book but nothing, simply nothing saves it from being just that. Hardly the book of Lilith.… (more)
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