Oedipus variations : studies in literature and psychoanalysis

by Karl Kerényi

Other authorsJames Hillman
Book, 1991



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Call number



Dallas, TX : Spring Publications, 1991.

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169 p.; 22 cm

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Have you ever tried to understand what the psychological method of "discovering and finding, or figuring out" is based on? In Oedipus Variations, James Hillman takes on the Oedipal idea of psychoanlaysis and its father, Freud. He exposes analysis and its myth of the search for identity which is still with us, is still blinding us, is still trying to turn people into Oedipus on both sides of the analytical couch.
Karl Kerényi explores the variations of the ancient myth, along with its more dramatic versions, from Seneca to T.S. Eliot.

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