Martha's Mandala: Figures in a Family Circle

by Martha Oliver-Smith

Book, 2014



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Call number



Spuyten Duyvil Publishing (2014), 158 pages

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158 p.; 7.5 inches

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According to Archetypal Psychologist James Hillman, it is the work of the soul to create meaningful experience out of the facts of one’s life. In Martha’s Mandala, Oliver-Smith entwines strands of her own personal journey of self-discovery with an imaginative accounting of her grandmother’s life-work: to give beauty and coherence to the dark and mysterious voices that shattered Martha Bacon’s psyche as a young mother; to find a quiet center and create a peaceful “home” amidst the tumult of an extraverted lifestyle of uncertain privilege and patriarchy; and to proceed throughout all of her life’s circumstances with a private diligence and faithfulness to her own Truth.
Jennifer A. Fendya, PhD, Psychologist, Curator of Art, CG Jung Center, Buffalo
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