The Memoir of Tina Keller-Jenny: A Lifelong Confrontation with the Psychology of C.G. Jung (Analytical Jungian Psychology)

by Wendy Swan

Book, 2009



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Call number



Spring Journal, Inc. (2009), 177 pages

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177 p.; 6 inches

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Tina Keller-Jenny (1887 1985) was a Swiss physician and Jungian psychotherapist who witnessed firsthand the development of analytical psychology during its formative years. In this memoir, she provides an intimate glimpse into this world. She shares her experiences of C. G. Jung himself and his closest associate Toni Wolff, and highlights the development of the technique of active imagination in her analyses. In addition, Keller-Jenny was one of the pioneers in integrating analysis with body-based approaches such as movement and dance. In this work, we see the seeds of active imagination in movement, which has since become a major element in the field of body-sensitive analysis. Her innovative work in finding ways in therapy to communicate what cannot be expressed in words is a remarkable anticipation of contemporary discoveries in interpersonal neurobiology. Healing professionals and those drawn to the inner life will find a rich feast in these pages.
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