The goddesses and gods of Old Europe, 6500-3500 BC, myths and cult images

by Marija Alseikaitė Gimbutas

Book, 1982



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Berkeley : University of California, 1982.

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304 p.; 25 cm

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European civilization between 6500 and 3500 BC long before Greek or Judaeo-Christian civilizations flourished had a distinct culture with its own unique identity. The mythical imagery of this era tells us much about early humanity's concept of the cosmos, of human relations with nature, of the complementary roles of male and female. Through study of sculpture, vases and other cult objects, Gimbutas sketches the village culture that evolved there before it was overwhelmed by the patriarchal Indo-Europeans. The Goddess incarnating the creative principle as Source and Giver of All, fertility images, mythical animals and other artifacts are analysed for their mythic and social significance in this beautifully illustrated study.
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