Love, celibacy, and the inner marriage

by John P. Dourley

Book, 1987



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Call number



Toronto, Canada : Inner City Books, c1987.

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122 p.; 22 cm

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It is now well known that the traditional gap between the disciplines of psychology and theology is bridged in the work of C.G. Jung. Because of his acknowledgement of a religious dimension to the psyche and, more specifically, his expressed concern for the soul, Jung has become a treasured spokesman for the importance of the inner life. This book begins with an overview of Jung's model of the psyche. It then branches out to explore the implications of this model--psychological, theological and philosophical--showing how Jung's understanding of inner dynamics can enrich one's faith and lead to a deeper understanding of one's own personality. The author, as Catholic priest and Jungian analyst, has both the knowledge and the training to interpret Jung's views to the larger Jungian and religious communities.

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