The new God-image : a study of Jung's key letters concerning the evolution of the western God-image

by Edward F. Edinger

Book, 1996



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Wilmette, Ill. : Chiron Publications, c1996.

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xxii, 205 p.; 23 cm

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C. G. Jung saw in the cultural history of Western man a progressive evolution of its God-image. During the last ten years of his life, he wrote a series of remarkable letters about the new God-image which is now emerging through the discoveries of depth psychology.

Dr. Edward Edinger has selected fourteen of these letters to discuss and has segmented the book into the following three parts:

EPISTEMOLOGICAL PREMISES - Modern man's new awareness of subjectivity

THE PARADOXICAL GOD-The nature of the new God-image as a union of opposites

CONTINUING INCARNATION-How the new God-image is born in individual men and women

"If enough individuals have had that transformative experience [conjunctio] within themselves, then they become seeds sown in the collective psyche which can promote the unification of the collective psyche as a whole. How many will it take? ... I think each individual ought to live his life out of the hypothesis that maybe one would do."

-Edward F. Edinger

Edward F. Edinger is a leading Jungian analyst residing in Los Angeles. He is a founding member of the C. G. Jung Foundation of New York, and former chairman of the C. G. Jung Training Center in New York where he practiced for many years. Dr. Edinger is the author of fourteen books dealing with the Jungian themes of archetypes, psyche, Self, and analysis.

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