Journeys into emptiness : Dōgen, Merton, Jung and the quest for transformation

by Robert Jingen Gunn

Book, 2000



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Call number



New York : Paulist Press, c2000.

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xiv, 334 p.; 24 cm

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Here are the life journeys of three great seekers who, though separated by time and culture, had much in common. Dogen was the 13th century Japanese founder of a School of Zen Buddhism and a teacher of zazen, wordless meditation. Jung was a 19th century Swiss psychologist who broke with psychoanalysis and saw the mind as having both male and female elements. Merton was a 20th century American Trappist who through traditional Christianity eventually embraced a wider spirituality. Each of the three engaged in a search for personal transcendence, a search that was triggered by a private experience of emptiness. Recommend this title to --
-- readers of biographies
-- readers of Merton
-- Jungian psychologists
-- practitioners of Zen
-- spiritual seekers
-- Buddhists
-- pastoral counselors
-- therapists
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