The new polytheism; rebirth of the gods and goddesses

by David LeRoy Miller

Book, 1974



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New York, Harper & Row [1974]

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x, 86 p.; 21 cm

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LibraryThing member ritaer
The title of this book is, in my opinion, deceptive. The author is actually discussing the fragmentation of the Western cultural sphere. If one regards monotheism as a general descriptor for centralized value systems then polytheism would be a logical descriptor for a less centralized value system. However the author does not address actual religious experience or belief--these words are merely metaphors for "modes of meaning" so far as I can tell. The author is so far from actually understanding polytheism that he doesn't really believe that it exists. "The great polytheist cultures . . . have in actual practice been composed of communities of men and women who worship one God or Goddess, or at least they worship one at a time." He defines such practice as consecutive monotheisms. He is unable to conceive of a culture in which more than one deity can be a living presence in any person's experience. In short, this book is a waste of time for anyone actually interested in religion rather than psychology or social currents.… (more)

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