The Cat, a Tale of Feminine Redemption

by Marie-Louise von Franz

Book, 2000



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Call number



Toronto : Inner City Books, 2000.

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160 p.; 22 cm

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"The cat" is a Romanian fairy tale, of great complexity and charm. It is the story of a princess who, at the age of 17, is bewitched and turned into a cat. She must remain in that form until the son of an emperor arrives and cuts off his head ... Finally, a naive prince appears who, traveling through his lands, meets her and fulfills his destiny. Building on this argument, with her trademark erudition and natural sense of humor, Dr. Von Franz dedicates this book to patiently dissecting how and why all of this happens. First, she unravels the symbolic threads that move the story, from enchantment to the triumph of good, passing through the inevitable bells, golden apples, witches, etc. And then he makes us notice the presence of the great themes of redemption and the union of opposites, which he relates to motives of individual and collective psychology.

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