Aspects of the Masculine

by C. G. Jung

Other authorsJohn Beebe (Introduction)
Book, 1989



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Princeton : Princeton University Press, 1989.

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xvii, 183 p.; 22 cm

Local notes

This volume is a selection of writings from the Collected Works of Carl Jung (1875-1961), a selection focusing on the "masculine". The contents of this book would be somewhat surprising for someone expecting a book about "men's issues". When Jung says the "masculine", he is thinking about multiple interacting levels, including (1) the consciousness of real men; (2) the "animus", or unconscious masculine, in real women; (3) the hero myth; (4) the representations of "spirit" in myth; and (5) the alchemical problem of the unification of opposites. Some of these selections focus on the role the father and the mother play in an individual's psyche. There is a whole section devoted to the animus ("The Masculine in Women"), some of Jung's few statements specifically on the psychology of women. About a quarter of the selections are from Jung's late writings, his extended psychological analysis of alchemy. Only a rare mind will understand these works on first reading; most folks will have to delve deeper in Jung's psychology and then come back to these to fully appreciate them. Nevertheless, the selections of this volume may be an excellent introduction to Jung's writings for someone already intrigued by an "expanded" understanding of the masculine.


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