Aurora Consurgens: a document attributed to Thomas Aquinas on the problem of opposites in alchemy

by Marie-Louise von Franz (Editor)

Other authorsR.F.C. Hull (Translator), Thomas Aquinas (Author), A.S.B Glover (Translator)
Book, 1966



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London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1966.

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xv, 555 p.; 24 cm

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A companion work to C.G. Jung's "Mysterium Coniunctionis"
This here is a beautiful, ecstatic riddle! Incredible, fluid, provoking, and multilayered in depth. When it comes to alchemical commentary and analysis, this work is a piece of art of the highest regard. Von Franz is unmatched in skill and knowledge! She runs circles around any other commentator, and depth psychologist, within the alchemical space to date. There's a reason Jung relied on her.

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The text here being interpreted and commented on purports to be St. Thomas Aquinas' deathbed commentary on the Song of Songs which is Solomon's, wherein he (Thomas) discusses the Christian mysteries by applying them to Alchemy (an act that would have been considered blasphemous at the time). Of
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course, most serious scholars of both disciplines (that is, theologians and alchemists) hold this view in derision. Let it be noted that the Universe does not conform itself to the belief systems of human beings. Aurora Consurgens = Morning Dawns.

Jung had a tendency to think that if he could understand some text, then his interpretation would be acceptable. I don't think I agree. (Doesn't mean I don't like reading Jung. . . .)
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