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☙ British history (mostly medieval England c. 500-1500), biography, fiction (mostly classics & historical), poetry, folklore (mostly Robin Hood & King Arthur), literary studies, nature, geography, travel, built environment, visual art, music, film, theatre, religion (Christianity & paganism), philosophy (including Humanism), science, languages (Latin, Old/Middle/modern English), & left-wing politics
☙ Mormon history, culture, & fiction, including the pioneering novels of Nephi Anderson (1865-1923), my paternal great-grandfather
☙ Irish history (mostly the revolutionary period 1915-1923), biography, fiction (mostly classics), poetry, folklore, literary studies, music, theatre, & religion (Christianity & paganism).
☙ Catholic history, doctrine, & culture
☙ Psychology & sociology
☙ Scandinavian history, fiction, drama, folklore, & film
☙ Utah history & culture
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