Adobe GoLive CS2 User Guide

by Staff at Adobe Systems Incorporated

Paperback, 2005



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Indeholder "Chapter 1: Getting started", " Installation and registration", " Adobe Help Center", " Using Help", " Tips and training", " What's new", "Tutorials", "Chapter 2: Work area", " Working with windows and editors", " Palettes, tools, and menus", " Previewing and zooming documents", " Customizing the work area", " Setting preferences", " Reverting and restoring changes to pages", "Chapter 3: Adobe Bridge", " The basics of Bridge", " Files and folders in Bridge", " Bridge Center", " Running automated tasks with Bridge", " Metadata in Bridge", " Using Version Cue with Bridge", "Chapter 4: Adobe Stock Photos", " Adobe Stock Photos", " Comp images", " Buying stock photos", " Stock Photos accounts", "Chapter 5: Adobe Version Cue", " Using Adobe Version Cue", " Working with Version Cue projects", " Working with files in Version Cue", " Disconnecting from projects", " Deleting files, folders, and projetcs", " Version Cue versions", " Version Cue alternates", " Editing and synchronizing offline files", " Using Version Cue in GoLive", " The Version Cue Administration utility", " Creating and editing projects in Version Cue Administration", " Backing up and restoring from Version Cue Administration", " Working with users and privileges", " Viewing logs, reports, and workspace information", " Version Cue PDF reviews", "Chapter 6: Setting up sites and pages", " Creating sites", " Importing sites from remote servers", " Version control sites", " Adding files to sites", " Setting up pages", " Document type definitions", " Adding elements and scripts", " Creating links", " Specifying and editing links", " Anchor links", " Getting information about documents", " Color", "Chapter 7: Creating site diagrams", " Creating diagrams", " Developing diagrams by adding pages and sections", " Adding and editing links in diagrams", " Custom objects", " Moving and copying objects", " Grouping objects", " Anchoring and displaying diagrams and objects", " Preparing diagrams for presentation", " Annotations and level objects", " Printing and exporting diagrams", " Staging and submitting diagrams", " Updating and recalling diagram-items", "Chapter 8: Managing and viewing web sites", " Site management features and preferences", " Working with the site window", " Inspecting, tracking, and deleting files", " Refreshing and cleaning up sites", " Providing names and paths for files", " Using absolute link paths", " Working with graphical site views", " Using the peripheral panes of the site view", " Scrolling, zooming, and centering the site view", " Using collections in a graphical site view", " Changing the display of links, thumbnails, and site views", " Building a site map using graphical views", " Editing links and URLs sitewide", " Fixing site errors", " Creating and running queries", " Providing file status information", "Chapter 9: Laying out pages", " Page layout for the web", " CSS layout objects", " Layout grids", " Grouping and arranging objects on layout grids", " Converting table-based layout grids to tables", " Creating layers", " Selecting, resizing, and positioning layers", " Managing layers", " Animating layers", " Understanding frames", " Setting up frame sets", " Setting up individual frames", " Special page elements", "Chapter 10: Tables", " Understanding tables", " Creating tables", " Selecting tables, rows, columns, or cells", " Moving, adding, or deleting rows or columns", " Resizing and fixing tables", " Formatting tables with table styles", " Formatting tables with the Table inspector", " Formatting tables with cascading stylesheets", " Text in tables", " Sorting in tables", "Chapter 11: Formatting text", " Formatting text in web pages", " Adding and selecting text", " Formatting paragraphs with HTML text attributes", " Formatting text inline", " Changing fonts", " Changing the size and color of text", " Using HTML text styles", " Spelling", " Searching text and HTML source code", " Non-roman characters", "Chapter 12: Cascading stylesheets", " Understanding cascading stylesheets", " Creating and viewing stylesheets", " Using external stylesheets", " Creating CSS style in stylesheets", " Defining style properties", " Applying styles", "Chapter 13: Adding images and multimedia", " Pre-optimized images", " Setting basic image options", " Creating rollovers", " Assigning rollover images automatically", " Using actions with rollovers", " Creating image maps", " Low source images", " Building a web page using tracing images", " Adding multimedia to web pages", " Multimedia plug-in options", " Java applets and W3C object controls", "Chapter 14: Working with Smart Objects", " Understanding Smart Objects", " Adding and copying Smart Objects", " Updating and editing Smart Objects", " Resizing and cropping Smart Objects", " Optimizing and saving web graphics", " Working with slices during optimization", " Web graphics formats and options", " Output settings for web graphics", "Chapter 15: Adding content from Adobe applications", " Adding Adobe Photoshop images", " Adding Adobe Illustrator artwork", " Adding Adobe InDesign content", " Using the InDesign package window", " Adding graphics and images from InDesign packages", " Exporting InDesign packages to HTML", "Chapter 16: Working with PDF documents", " Displaying and navigating PDF documents", " PDF comments", " Editing PDF link regions", " Exporting web pages to PDF", " Setting global options for PDF documents", "Chapter 17: Forms", " Creating forms", " Adding form elements", " Adding form navigation", " Advanced form elements and properties", "Chapter 18: Site assets", " Understanding site assets", " Creating page templates", " Applying and updating page templates", " Stationery", " Components", " Snippets", " Site colors", " Fint sets", " Site URLs and e-mail addresses", " Collections", " Site samples", "Chapter 19: Publishing websites", " Preparing to publish a site", " Uploading and downloading files", " Exporting sites", " Setting up distributes websites", " Managing websites with WebDAV", "Chapter 20: Building and updating Co-Author sections", " Understanding co-authoring", " Web designer phase: creating Co-Author sections and items", " Co-Author phase: updating a co-authored website ", "Chapter 21: Authoring mobile content", " Authoring for mobile devices", " Creating MMS messages", " Creating SVG Tiny files", " XHTML Basic and Mobile", " i-mode HTML", " WML", " Working with WML cards and templates", " Working with WML elements", " Working with events and tasks in WML decks", " Getting user input in WML decks", " Using hypertext links and timers with WML cards", " Previewing XHTML, i-mode HTML or WML in a phone emulator (Windows only)", "Chapter 22: Authoring SMIL presentations", " Understanding SMIL", " Creating SMIL presentations", " Adding, grouping, and repeating media items", " Laying out SMIL presentations", " Setting the timing of items and containers", " Adding links to presentations", " Creating hotspots in a presentation", " Changing the display or position of hotspots", " Setting the timing of hotspots", " Animating items and adding transitions", " Matching presentations to a viewer's system and preferences", " Working with regions in SMIL presentations", " Adding SMIL presentations to a site", " Creating RealPlayer presentations", " Creating RealPix presentations", " Using effects in a RealPix presentation", " Adjusting images in RealPix presentations", "Chapter 23: Editing QuickTime movies", " QuickTime in GoLive", " Creating and opening QuickTime movies", " Editing and previewing movies in the movie viewer window", " Editing movies in the Timeline Editor", " Working with tracks", " Animating tracks", " Movie tracks", " Picture tracks", " Sprite tracks", " Using Photoshop images as sprites", " SWF tracks", " Streaming tracks", " 3D and MPEG tracks", " Sound, music, and instrument tracks", " Folder and chapter tracks", " Text and HREF tracks", " Filter tracks", " Using actions to control tracks", " Scripting with QuickTime Wired Action Programming Language", " Making movies with XML", " Saving and exporting movies", "Chapter 24: Editing source code", " Source code editors and preferences", " Source code management tools", " Using the Visual Tag Editor", " Using the Outline Editor", " Adding new elements to source code", " Working with source code", " Selecting and highlighting source code", " Locating source code", " Navigating through source code", " Inserting or rewriting source code automatically", " JavaScript", " JavaScript libraries", "Chapter 25: Using actions", " Actions overview", " Browser-triggered actions", " User-triggered actions", " Timeline-triggered actions", " Getters actions", " Image actions", " Link actions", " Message actions", " Multimedia actions", " Others actions", " Realplayer", " Specials actions", " Variables actions", "Configuring Web Settings", " Web Settings", " Markup Language options in Web Settings", " Characters options in Web Settings", " Browser Profiles options in Web Settings", " File Mappings and Global options in Web Settings", "Color management", " Understanding color management", " Keeping colors consistent", " Color-managing imported images", " Color-managing documents for online viewing", " Proofing colors", " Color-managing documents when printing", " Working with color profiles", " Color settings", "Keyboard shortcuts", " Customizing keyboard shortcuts", " Default keyboard shortcuts", "Index".

Adobe GoLive var et WYSIWYG HTML editeringsværktøj og med ambitioner om at være et system til styring af hele websites. Det afløste Adobe PageMill og blev selv afløst af Macromedias Dreamweaver.
som blev opkøbt af Adobe. Denne vejledning knytter sig til CS2, der var næstsidste version af GoLive og fra april 2005. Næste og sidste udgave var version 9 fra juni 2007.
Brugervejledningen indeholder måske et hint om GoLive's formål og filosofi, men i så fald har jeg ikke fundet den. Den er helt typisk en "tryk på den her knap og så sker der det her" brugervejledning.
GoLive's filosofi ser ud til at være at websiteredaktøren sidder som en edderkop og styrer hele websitet vha GoLive. Han kan lave ting med globalt scope og få strikket meget avancerede ting sammen uden at behøve helt at forstå det. Ialt fald indtil et eller andet går galt eller GoLive crasher.
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Adobe Systems Incorporated, 2005. 90056216 3/05


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