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Fiction by Decade Author Nationality Setting by Country Setting by U.S. State Setting by Decade
1800s fiction American Afghanistan Alabama 1540s
1810s fiction Argentine Australia Arizona 1600s
1820s fiction Australian Austria California 1750s
1830s fiction Austrian Bulgaria Connecticut 1690s
1840s fiction Belgian Canada Florida 1740s
1850s fiction British/English China Illinois 1750s
1860s fiction Canadian Ecuador Indiana 1770s
1870s fiction Dutch Egypt Kentucky 1780s
1880s fiction French England Maine 1790s
1890s fiction German France Massachusetts 1800s
1900s fiction Greek Hungary Michigan 1810s
1910s fiction Indian India Minnesota 1820s
1920s fiction Irish Ireland Missouri 1830s
1930s fiction Italian Israel New Mexico 1840s
1940s fiction New Zealander Italy New York 1850s
1950s fiction Nigerian Japan North Carolina 1860s
1960s fiction Norwegian Jordan Ohio 1870s
1970s fiction Russian Lebanon Oregon 1880s
1980s fiction Scottish Morocco Pennsylvania 1890s
1990s fiction Swedish Mozambique South Dakota 1900s
2000s fiction Swiss Norway Texas 1910s
2010s fiction Pakistan Utah 1920s
Romania Virginia 1930s
Russia Wisconsin 1940s
Scotland 1950s
South Korea 1960s
Switzerland 1970s
Syria 1980s
Turkey 1990s
United States 2000s