American Jews and America's Game: Voices of a Growing Legacy in Baseball

by Larry Ruttman

Other authorsAllan H Selig (Foreword), Dr. Martin Abramowitz (Introduction)
Hardcover, 2013



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796.357 RUT


University of Nebraska Press (2013), 544 pages




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LibraryThing member bostonian71
Worth reading for the breadth of interviews, not only about/with the usual subjects (Greenberg and Koufax) but also front office types, academics and even two women who played in the all-girls league during World War II. My one big complaint is with Ruttman, whose agenda and general interviewing style (including completely unnecessary summing-ups at the end of each interview) often makes his own viewpoint more prominent than those of the people he interviews. I particularly dislike how he tries to get certain people to admit that they feel their values are specifically Jewish, even right after they've said they don't feel that way. I could also have done without his usually long and often unnecessary explanations of Jewish concepts like Torah and Purim and mini-histories for every single baseball player mentioned, sometimes with accompanying photos that don't add anything to the book; he doesn't seem to realize that anyone who would pick this up would almost certainly have to be interested in Jews, baseball or both and thus would get annoyed at the constant interruptions by comments that would've made more sense in a glossary at the back. (And what book needs a foreword, a preface, acknowledgments that repeat a lot of the preface, AND an introduction?) I don't regret reading the book, but I do wish the mix of voices in it didn't feature his own voice quite so much.… (more)


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