Trekking the GR20 Corsica: The High Level Route

by Paddy Dillon

Other authorsCicerone (Editor)
Paperback, 2018



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Milnthorpe, Cumbria : Cicerone, 2018, 4a edició, Reimpressió amb actualitzacions

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This guidebook describes the classic GR20 trek, a north-to-south traverse of the rugged mountains of Corsica, renowned as Europe's toughest GR long-distance route. Described in 16 stages, some with high and low-level alternatives, the route is roughly 190km in length and takes approximately two weeks to complete. The GR20 climbs high into the mountains. It is a demanding trek suitable only for experienced walkers, and there are several steep 'hands-on-rock' sections calling for a sure foot and a good head for heights. It is possible to stay under a roof every night but many trekkers opt to camp.
Step-by-step descriptions of each stage are accompanied by 1:50,000 mapping, together with information on ascent/descent, terrain and the availability of food, water and accommodation/shelter. There is also invaluable practical information such as path conditions, what to take, and getting to/from and around Corsica. Overviews of the history and geology of the island and local plants and wildlife are offered to enhance the trekking experience.
Starting in Corsica's northwest, in picturesque Calinzana, the route winds southeast through the heart of the island, finishing on the eastern side, just north of Porto Vecchio in the township of Conca. It showcases Corsica's rich diversity of landscapes and ethereal beauty. Bare rock and sheer cliffs contrast with black sand beaches, alpine pastures, maquis and pockets of forest. There are also opportunities to detour from the route to visit traditional mountain towns and villages for a taste of Corsica's vibrant history and culture and to take in neighbouring summits, including the island's highest peak, Monte Cinto. For those up to the challenge of hiking part or all of the route, the GR20 promises adventure, memorable experiences and rich rewards.

- Seasons: Possible June to mid-October; June or September is ideal, with July and August being the hottest and busiest months. Snow and ice make the trail exceptionally dangerous.
- Centres: Calinzana, Ascu Stagnu, Vizzavona, Conca. Detours can be made to Corti, Cuzzà and Zicavu.
- Difficulty: The GR20 is a challenging walk involving plenty of hands-on scrambling, through isolated mountain terrain. Take note of weather conditions and avoid lingering snow and ice early in the season, or thunderstorms at any time. The GR20 is for experienced, fit walkers prepared to carry backpacking kit.
- Must See: Great mountain views; optional ascents of Monte Cinto and Paglia Orba; optional detour to the ancient mountain capital of Corti.

Stage 1A. Calinzana to Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu (high-level)
Stage 1B. Calinzana to Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu (low-level)
Excursion. Ascent of Monte Corona from Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu
Stage 2A. Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu to Refuge de Carozzu (high-level)
Stage 2B. Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu to Refuge de Carozzu (low-level)
Stage 3. Refuge de Carozzu to Ascu Stagnu
Stage 4. Ascu Stagnu to Auberge U Vallone
Link route. Auberge U Vallone to Albertacce
Stage 5. Auberge U Vallone to Hôtel Castel di Vergio
Excursion. Ascent of Paglia Orba from Refuge de Ciotullu di I Mori
Stage 6. Hôtel Castel di Vergio to Refuge de Manganu
Link route. Bergerie de Vaccaghja to Corti
Link route. Refuge de Manganu to Soccia
Stage 7. Refuge de Manganu to Refuge de Petra Piana
Link route. Brèche de Capitellu or Bocca a Soglia to Bergeries de Grottelle
Excursion. Ascent of Monte Ritondu from Refuge de Petra Piana
Stage 8A. Refuge de Petra Piana to Refuge de l’Onda (low-level)
Stage 8B. Refuge de Petra Piana to Refuge de l’Onda (high-level)
Link route. Bergerie de Tolla to Tattone and Vizzavona
Stage 9A. Refuge de l’Onda to Vizzavona (low-level)
Stage 9B. Refuge de l’Onda to Vizzavona (high-level)
Stage 10. Vizzavona to Bergeries d’E Capanelle
Link route. La Foce to Bocca Palmentu
Stage 11A. Bergeries d’E Capanelle to Bocca di Verdi (low-level)
Stage 11B. Bergeries d’E Capanelle to Bocca di Verdi (high-level)
Stage 12. Bocca di Verdi to Refuge d’Usciolu
Link route. Refuge d’Usciolu to Cuzzà
Stage 13. Refuge d’Usciolu to Refuge de Matalza
Link route. Tignosellu to Zicavu
Link route. Zicavu to Refuge de Matalza
Stage 14. Refuge de Matalza to Refuge d’Asinau
Alt Stage 13/14. Refuge d’Usciolu to Refuge d’Asinau (variant)
Stage 15A. Refuge d’Asinau to Bavedda (low-level)
Stage 15B. Refuge d’Asinau to Bavedda (high-level)
Stage 16. Bavedda to Conca

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