Trekking in the Dolomites: Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2 with Alta Via routes 3-6 on outline

by Gillian Price

Other authorsCicerone (Editor)
Paperback, 2019



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Milnthorpe, Cumbria : Cicerone, 2019, 4a edició, Reimpressió amb actualitzacions

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Trekking guidebook for walking Alta Via routes 1 and 2 across the Italian Dolomites. The 120km AV1 is described over 11 day stages and is ideal for beginners to Alpine long-distance walking whereas the AV2 covers 160km in 13 days and is more strenuous and technical. The more demanding AV3-6 routes are described in outline.

- Seasons: Alpine summer - mid-June to late September - is the time to go, so that the huts are all open for accommodation and meals and the paths mostly free of snow. Midsummer is the perfect time to enjoy the myriad wildflowers that brighten. the rocky slopes and meadows and to be entertained by the frolicking marmots who are by then out of hibernation.
- Centres: Lago di Braies, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Agordo, Belluno.
- Difficulty: Alta Via 1 is a perfect introductory trek to the Dolomites and while the paths are not a seaside stroll, they are not overly difficult. No special equipment is necessary. Easier path variants are detailed where useful. Overall AV1 rates as Grade 2, suitable for fit walkers with some experience of alpine terrain and conditions.
- Must See: Breathtaking views of an estimated 80% of the Dolomites, including the Tofane, Pelmo and Civetta, as well as the glaciated Marmolada; memorable stays in comfortable high-altitude alpine huts.

- Alta Via 1: Stage 1. Lago di Braies to Rifugio Biella / Stage 2. Rifugio Biella to Rifugio Fanes / Stage 3. Rifugio Fanes to Rifugio Lagazuoi / Stage 4. Rifugio Lagazuoi to Rifugio Nuvolau / Stage 5. Rifugio Nuvolau to Rifugio Città di Fiume / Stage 6. Rifugio Città di Fiume to Rifugio Coldai / Stage 7. Rifugio Coldai to Rifugio Vazzoler / Stage 8. Rifugio Vazzoler to Rifugio Carestiato / Stage 9 Rifugio Carestiato to Rifugio Pramperet / Stage 10. Rifugio Pramperet to Rifugio Pian de Fontana / Stage 11. Rifugio Pian de Fontana to La Pissa bus stop.
- Alta Via 2: Stage 1. Bressanone to Rifugio Plose / Stage 2. Rifugio Plose to Rifugio Genova / Stage 3. Rifugio Genova to Rifugio Puez / Stage 4. Rifugio Puez to Rifugio Pisciadù / Stage 5. Rifugio Pisciadù to Rifugio Castiglioni / Stage 6. Rifugio Castiglioni to Passo San Pellegrino / Stage 7. Passo San Pellegrino to Rifugio Mulaz / Stage 8. Rifugio Mulaz to Rifugio Rosetta / Stage 9. Rifugio Rosetta to Rifugio Treviso / Stage 10. Rifugio Treviso to Passo Cereda / Stage 11. Passo Cereda to Rifugio Boz / Stage 12. Rifugio Boz to Rifugio Dal Piaz / Stage 13. Rifugio Dal Piaz to Croce d'Aune.
- Alte Vie 3–6: Alta Via 3 / Alta Via 4 / Alta Via 5 / Alta Via 6

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