Biscuit and the Baby

by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Paperback, 2005



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HarperCollins (2005)


Biscuit, a young puppy, is eager to meet the new baby but must wait until nap time is over.

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LibraryThing member conuly
These books are very short, very repetitive, very predictable, very simple.

Great early readers.

They could also be great for toddlers and babies, who use that repetition to learn to speak, but they're written so simply that you'll be bored to tears after reading the book more than three times. And
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you can read these books several times in one sitting, they're that short.

Give them to your kid when they start reading and insist that THEY read the books - not you. Do not fall into the trap of reading them. Ever. If your kid is like the ones I know, they'll fall in love and you'll be trapped.

Incidentally, in this book, the endpapers show a baby bottle. No baby feeding is shown in the book itself, but if you're an avid lactivist, you may want to check the book out before buying it.
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LibraryThing member afmteacher
The appeal of this book is simple text, clean line illustrations, and a lovable story of an irresistibly cute dog. The content examines a common theme for young children – adjusting to the presence of a new sibling in the household, with all the curiosity and uncertainty it brings. The repetitive
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text and simple vocabulary builds confidence in reading.
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LibraryThing member dbhutch
Biscuit wanted to look at the new baby ... so he took the baby's til he was allowed to see the baby.
LibraryThing member btivis
The new is baby is home from the hospital and Biscuit is doing everything he is doing everything he can to meet it. His owner keeps telling him to be quiet and stop playing with the baby's things, but he is just trying to get their attention. When he wakes the baby up, he is scared of the crying.
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But finally the baby is quiet and they get to meet each other.
I think this Biscuit book is better than some of the others. Students in our first grade classroom love this particular book. I would definately use it for those beginning readers who are still needing a self assurance.
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LibraryThing member ryann0423
This is a story about Biscuit, who is a dog, meeting the new arrival of a baby to the family. Biscuit is very excited to meet the baby and has to learn to be patient until it is time for him to finally meet the baby. The story is great for children who have a new sibling on the way. The words in
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the book are simple and easy to read, there are many repetitive words giving children confidence in their reading ability. It is great for students who are learning to read because it is so simple and easy to move from word to word.
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LibraryThing member wickedshizuku
A sweet little book about the puppy Biscuit, and his family has just had a new baby. This is a very good watered down example of what you will go through having pets in the house with a newborn. There is just so much that was left out, but considering that this book was written for two to six year
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olds it can be excused.
The artstyle was very well done, and I experienced a little nostalgia while reading this to my daughter.
Cheers and Happy Reading Kids!
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LibraryThing member villemezbrown
There's a newborn infant in Biscuit's house. The little girl of the series is run ragged keeping the mischievous puppy away from all the new baby toys and trying to prevent his barking from rousing baby from its nap.

Still cute, but the vagueness of the humans with their lack of names and even
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gender for the baby feels increasingly weird. Is there some book or even author's interview where the little girl's name is revealed?
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