Biscuit's Day at the Farm (My First I Can Read!)

by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Paperback, 2008



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Scholastic Inc. (2008)


Biscuit the dog meets hens, pigs, geese, and goats while visiting a farm.

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LibraryThing member TorrieM
This is a my first reading book and would use this in a Kindergarten class. It is about a dog named Biscuit who lives on a farm. It shows many different animals on the farm. There is not really a story in the book, so I would use it for students to read to themselves.
LibraryThing member kayceel
Cute, with many repeating words, a good choice for a beginning reader.
LibraryThing member APoteet
Puppy Biscuit and a little girl help take care of farm animals, and Biscuit makes friends with a piglet.
LibraryThing member PeterSinclair
This book is great because it has a lot of repetition. It also moves along nicely as Biscuits moves from one animal to the next. If a kid is a dog, or animal lover, this book will motivate and entertain them immensely.
LibraryThing member YouthGPL
Kearsten says: Cute, with many repeating words, a good choice for a beginning reader.
LibraryThing member Ashleyreece
I like this book because it it repetitive. Biscuit helps the little girl feed the farm animals. Wile they are feeding a little piglet escapes his pen. Biscuit and the girl have to keep putting him back in the pen. Biscuit stays with the piglet and the piglet stays in the pen.

I like this book
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because I live on a farm and we have these types of daily chores. My children have these chores to do as well. We also have a little dog that follows us around. I think this can teach responsibility.

I would use this book in a lesson about responsibility o r in a unit about farming or animals.
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LibraryThing member aduckwiler
Summary: This story is about how Biscuit found a little piglet friend during his day of working on the farm.

Person Reaction: I like this story because it shows that life can be fun even when you are working.

Classroom Extentions:
1) Discuss responsibilities/chores and ways to make them fun.
2) Draw a
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picture of your animals or of an animal you would like to have.
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LibraryThing member RiaO
This follows a little girl and her puppy's adventure on the farm. Throughout the story they meet and help different animals and Biscuit makes friends with a little piggy.

This is a great story for beginner reader's and has easy text and many sight words.
LibraryThing member ElizabethHogeland
Biscuit spends his day helping on the farm by wrangling a silly piglet and feeding all of the animals.



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