Red Fox and His Canoe (I Can Read Books)

by Nathaniel Benchley

Hardcover, 1964



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HarperCollins (1964)


A young Indian boy receives a larger canoe along with some unforseen complications.

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This story, built around Red Fox's desire for a bigger canoe, presents no cultural context or information about American Indian lifeways. No specific tribe is indicated. Both illustrations and text contain stereotypes and generalizations. Dad, for instance, is always shown wearing a Plains
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warbonnet and carrying a pipe, while the text contains such phrases as "like all Indian boys."
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LibraryThing member MrsLee
One of my first books, I have always loved it.
LibraryThing member weston7707
Illustrations show a Native American boy who wants a bigger boat to catch more fish in, but it gets too much for him to handle, just like his father, the Chief, warns. This book is funny.
LibraryThing member jfe16
Red Fox has a canoe so that he can go fishing. But he wants a bigger one. So he walks through the woods with his father, looking for just the right tree. Together, Red Fox and his father make the new canoe and Red Fox happily goes fishing.

But when Red Fox's canoe is filling up with fish . . . Red
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Fox has caught half a million fish . . . bear wants to come into the canoe and eat them all. What will happen when Red Fox discovers that his canoe may be a bit too big?

This “I Can Read” book is perfect for beginning readers who are learning to sound out words and sentences. : large print, familiar words, repetitive vocabulary, short sentences, and simple concepts. The target audience is preschool through primary grades, ages four through eight; six through eight, second and third graders are more likely to be able to read with more independence.

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