More Spaghetti, I Say! (Scholastic Reader Level 2)

by Rita Golden Gelman

Paperback, 1993



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Cartwheel (1993), Edition: Reissue, 32 pages


Minnie the monkey is too busy eating spaghetti--all day, in all ways--to play with her friend Freddie.

Media reviews

Courtney E. Mahr
This is a fun book to incorporate when teaching about rhyming. It is also a great book when teaching about manners to lower Elementary students.

User reviews

LibraryThing member rosinalippi
This little book is Seuss-ish in the prose style, great rhythms and rhymes. And it's funny.
LibraryThing member HaleyAnger
"More Spaghetti, I say!" is about a little boy monkey who wants to play with a little girl monkey but the girl is too busy eating spaghetti noodles. He asks and asks and asks if she'll play with him but she's too preoccupied. Eventually the little girl monkey gets sick and has to stop eating the
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noodles so the little boy monkey takes them away from her, then he tastes them and begins to love them as well. When the little girl monkey is ready to play the little boy monkey is too preoccupied by noodles.

I would use this in my classroom just as a funny book to get things going in the morning. I would ask questions about spaghetti and how many of the students liked it. I would also ask them what their favorite food is and if they'd eat it all the time if they got the chance.

Recommended age group: 4-8 years
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LibraryThing member szierdt
"I love it, I love it, I love it I do, I love it so much more than you!" I fully enjoy this beginning reader book. Lots of rhyming, repition and silliness. For those too young for reading, it would be fun to read before recess or outside to really encourage kids to be animated and silly. Students
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could have the opportunity to consider a food they really enjoy.
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LibraryThing member kimity
Minnie loves spaghetti. She eats it all of the time. Freddy tries to get her to play all day but she refuses because she is eating. At the end of the story she is read to play but now Freddy is eating spaghetti. He seems to love it as much as Minnie now. I really enjoyed this story because it the
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words really flow easily.
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LibraryThing member RachelPeterson
This book is about a little girl who loves spaghetti! She eats it all the time. This is a great book because it has a lot of repetition, and rhyming and is great for children who are beginning to read.
LibraryThing member Emily_Cobenais
One monkey wants to play with another monkey, but that monkey is busy eating spaghetti. The second monkey does not understand how the first monkey could want to eat so much spaghetti, but soon the monkey wants spaghetti too! This is a book for beginner readers.
LibraryThing member E.OB
This young girl loves spaghetti and see eats it all the time. This boy tries to get er to play with her but she doesn't want to because she would rather eat. Once she is done eating she is ready to play but she comes to the realization that the boy is now eating and doesn't want to play. He is in
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love with it just like the girl was in the beginning of the story. This story was fun to read.
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LibraryThing member HelenDiekoff
This book is about a monkey that wants to play with another monkey, but they are busy eating spaghetti. The second monkey spends the whole book not understanding how the first monkey can eat so much spaghetti, but at the end of the book that monkey wants spaghetti too. This is great for students
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who are beginner readers.
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LibraryThing member kaylekatzung
This book is about one monkey wanting to play with another monkey, but the monkey is too preoccupied with wanting to eat spaghetti. The second monkey doesnt understand how the first monkey can eat so much spaghetti. At the end of the book, the secong monkey wants spaghetti too.
LibraryThing member a.stone5
In this story, the girl monkey is super excited about spaghetti and ignores the boy monkey when he wants to play with her. When she is eventually ready to play with the boy monkey, after she has eaten too much spaghetti, the boy has caught onto the spaghetti train and is now addicted. It is almost
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predictable that the little boy monkey will get enthusiastic about spaghetti after the girl monkey. This book would be suitable for children 4 and older.
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LibraryThing member ShondaNewsome
Minnie loves to eat spaghetti. Minnie’s brother Freddy wants to play but all Minnie wants to do is eat spaghetti. Until, Minnie gets sick of eating too much spaghetti and decided she wants to play with Freddy. But now it’s too late because Freddy like to eat spaghetti and now doesn’t
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want to play with Minnie because all he wants to do is eat spaghetti.

Personal Relation:
I can relate to this story because I love to eat chicken. When I’m eating chicken, I don’t like to share unless I have to but I prefer not to. I don’t eat too much to get sick, but I can eat a lot of chicken.

Extension Ideas:
1. Have the students write draw pictures of their favorite food and write a short story.
2. Have the students’ vote what is there favorite food to eat between pizza and cupcakes. Whatever food has the most votes in class, we will have a party.
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LibraryThing member CaseyKamps
Brother wants to play, sister keeps blowing him off for spaghetti, brother likes spaghetti in end. Yes i would read this to my students because it has many verbs. Grade 1-3.
LibraryThing member Kitrina
More Spaghetti I say is about a monkey who does not want to play with her friends because she rather eat and play with spaghetti because she loves it so much. One day she gets sick from all of the spaghetti so her friend takes it away from her, and with a twist to the end he falls in love with the
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spaghetti and doesn't want to play because he rather eat spaghetti. This is a silly and fun books for children to read and would be great in the classroom. This would be good for grades 1st-4th.
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LibraryThing member kelsiemaxwell
A young monkey wants someone to play with him. But Minnie refuses because she is too busy eating spaghetti. He tries so very hard to get Minnie to play but she refuses because she is too busy with all her spaghetti. She then realizes that the food makes her sick and when he tries to take it away
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from her, he decides that he can't play because he too is busy eating spaghetti. This verb oriented book is humorous for young children and is recommended for preschool to first grade.
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LibraryThing member GaoeeXiong
This book is about a monkey who loved eating spaghetti and would not play with the other monkey. The other monkey wondered why she would never play with him because all she ever wanted to do was eat spaghetti until one day he finally tried spaghetti and fell in love with spaghetti also. I liked
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this book because it was funny and a good book to read along to. The grade level would be first grade.
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LibraryThing member AmandaHempleman
There was a boy monkey and a girl monkey. The boy monkey wants to play with the girl monkey and all she does is say no and keeps playing with her spaghetti. Then she gets sick and then the boy monkey plays starts playing with the spaghetti and he does not want to stop. This is a good book for
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students who are learning how to read. I would only use this book in my classroom to teach my students how to read because it has good words in it.
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LibraryThing member siyu_jiang
Minnie likes eating spaghetti,Freddy wants to play with her but she always eat spaghetti and doesn't want to play.Finally Freddy takes away Minnie's spaghetti and try it, then he loves it!It's a funny story,children will like to read it.k-4.
LibraryThing member dylrmstd
This is a great book about a boy trying to get his sister to play with him. I like this book because it rhymes, is humorous, and is unique. I would use this in my classroom to introduce rhyming books and show brother and sister relationships. This book is suitable for grades 2nd and 3rd and the
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main theme could be persistence.
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LibraryThing member ChengYenLee
This book is about this monkey named Minnie and she loves spaghetti that she does not really want to play or do anything else with Freddy. Freddy the monkey does not really understand why spaghetti is so good that makes Minnie do not want to play until one incident.
This book is an easy read for
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I also believe that a lot of children like spaghetti as well.
This is a good read for 1st and 2nd grade.
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LibraryThing member ashley19738
This is about a girl who loves spaghetti so much she keeps wanting more. Appropriate for grades K-3.
LibraryThing member EmmaBrockwell
I liked this little book, More Spaghetti, I Say by Rita Golden Gelman. I enjoyed how this book circles back around at the end. The book begins with the female monkey unable to play with the male monkey because she is obsessed with spaghetti. Throughout the book she explains why she loves spaghetti
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and can’t play. At the end of the story she is finally ready to play but it is now the male monkey who can’t play because she got him hooked on spaghetti. I also enjoyed the rhythm in this poetry book. It seemed to give you parts of the story in chunks and its rhythm made you want to keep going. The repeating part “I love it. I love it. I love it. I do.” was almost like the chorus of a song and made you want to finish the melody. This books theme was entertainment. It has easy vocabulary and sentence structure to allow for enjoyment of the story and illustrations.
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LibraryThing member CatalinaDiaz
Minnie, the monkey, is obsessed with spaghetti. All she wants to do is eat spaghetti, but all Freddy, her friend, wants to do is play with Minnie. This modern fantasy follows the fixation Minnie has and the frustration Freddy accumulates because of it. I liked that the majority of the story was
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rhyming, "Play with me Minnie, play with me please. We can stand on our heads and hang by our knees." The rhyming gives the story an ease of reading because it just rolls off the tongue. The exaggeration of Minnie's love for spaghetti also creates a funny aspect to the story. For example, "I love it on pancakes with ice cream and ham. With pickles and cookies, bananas and jam. I love it with mustard and marshmallow stuff. I eat it all day I just can't get enough." The exaggeration encourages details in the illustrations, which was my favorite part of the book. The illustrator displays the humor in the story by matching the exact exaggerated words on the page to the pictures. The big idea of the book was to entertain readers, but also to explain how unhealthy it is to be completely consumed into a single thing and how it can affect your friendships.
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