Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

by Margaret Wise Brown

Paperback, 1989



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Golden Books Random House Kids (1989)


A bunny searches the spring-time forest for a home of his own.

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LibraryThing member BVstorytime
A bunny searches the spring-time forest for a home of his own.
LibraryThing member mshuster
A timeless story of a bunny looking for his home as he talks to the animals he meets along the way.
LibraryThing member carlabrite
This story is about a little bunny who ventures out on his own to find his very own home. He encounters many different animals and homes on his journey. At last he finds a place that he could call home. This story was colorful. The story was short so it could be used during a transition time. This
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story could be used around Easter in regards to the bunny. The story could be used to investigate the different types of homes that animals use.
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LibraryThing member kjburkhalter
It's spring, but the bunny doesn't have a home. He asks all of his friends, but can't find a place anywhere. Finally, he meets another rabbit, and they share the same home.
LibraryThing member Alexandra1600
Classic favorite that young children will fall in love with when bunny finds a home.
LibraryThing member sott3
In my opinion, this was a great informational story that contained many animal characters and the plot is easy to follow. Several of the animal characters bunny comes across, inform the bunny that their holes or nests are not what bunny needs for shelter. They are believable and hold true to their
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eating habits and habitats. The plot takes bunny to various animals shelters. There is no true logically order in the story, however, the plot does contain a beginning, middle and end. The overall message of this story is to inform readers about various animals but focuses on bunny finding the right shelter.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Brown's text, read aloud, does go 'loppity loppity lop' just like a rabbit moving along.  And only Williams could make newborn robins cute.  Too bad that modern children and their grown-ups probably think books like this saccharine.  *I* think it's just sweet.
LibraryThing member Coffeehag
This was one of my favorite books as a child, and I was delighted to find it again as an adult, and read it to my child. A bunny bounds through the early spring, and, in his search for a home, talks with several other animals. It's beautiful simplicity explains why it is an enduring classic. It
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will always have a place on the shelves of our family library.
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