Miss Jaster's Garden

by Nm Bodecker

Hardcover, 2017



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Purple House Press (2017), Edition: Illustrated


After getting caught in Miss Jaster's spring planting, the hedgehog discovers he has become a four-legged, walking flower garden.

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LibraryThing member Lisa2013
recommended for: Kathryn & Elizabeth

Completely delightful! This story is very funny and sweet, with a few moments of angst, and a very happy end, and beginning too. There’s even a map (I do love maps!) of the garden & house & property by the sea, which also shows on the map. Just lovely.
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Wonderful illustrations. This author/illustrator also illustrated one of my favorite childhood books: Half Magic. Unlike some Goodreads friends and general members, I’d never given much thought to hedgehogs, but I fell in love with Hedgie. I also love Miss Jasper and her piano playing and her generous and loving heart.

What a treasure of a book!
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Originally published in 1972, and then reprinted in this 2001 edition, this charming picture-book from N.M. Bodecker - the expatriate Danish artist who is best remembered as the illustrator of Edward Eager's many children's fantasies - follows the story of Hedgie, a little hedgehog living a quiet
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life in a corner of Miss Jaster's garden. When he is inadvertently "planted" with seeds by the nearsighted lady, Hedgie eventually finds himself a walking flower garden (or a part of one, that is). His surprise at this state of affairs is matched by Miss Jaster's own, when she sees a section of her garden get up and start walking away one day! Summoning the police, Miss Jaster demands that the garden "thief" be apprehended, until she discovers his identity...

I have a bit of a weakness for hedgehogs, so it was probably a forgone conclusion that I would enjoy Miss Jaster's Garden. Even if that were not so, however, this whimsical little tale would still have appealed to me, with its warmhearted story of how some odd mistakes and misunderstandings were put right in the end. I liked the gentle friendship between lady and hedgehog, I like the poignant notes, followed by the satisfying happy ones, and I appreciated the sweet illustrations. Just a winner all around - one that left me with a smile on my face!
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