My Light

by Molly Bang

Paperback, 2004



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Scholastic, Inc. (2004)


The sun narrates an explanation of light and energy in which the generation of electricity can be traced back to it. Tiny yellow dots represent the sun's power as it streams from light, water, wind, and electricity. Endnotes are used to illuminate everything from dark matter to atoms to pollution.

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LibraryThing member ericarhenry
I think this is a fabulous, very educational and well written book. In Molly Bang's biography, she talks about how she always had a fascination for electricity and that's how this book came about. She was disappointed that so many kids had a lack of knowledge about basic principles of science so
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she wanted to help them learn through picture books. . The story talks about how the sun heats the land and drops of water rise to form clouds, then water falls as rain and forms rivers and streams. She explains dams and wind power. She talks about how the plants absorb the sun and create energy for themselves, then are eaten for energy for others. She also talks about how coal is formed and used for electricity. It’s a great story for young children to help them understand electricity and how we get it. Again, the illustrations are amazing. She uses so much detail and very bright color to illustrate this book. I think the illustrations would definitely make kids more likely to really get into the book and the subject and learn more.
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LibraryThing member bcbias
The author uses this book to incorporate a science lesson. I would read this book when going over a lesson on solar energy or just the sun. This book is about the sun and how the different ways people use electricity and how it all comes back to the sun. Children will love all the pictures in the
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book because they are so vivid and creative. Teachers will love this book because it has a page for how to incorporate this into your classroom and make it fun.
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LibraryThing member aelambert
This book is all about the process of the sun's light. It takes the reader through the entire process oh how a lot of the earth's light energy comes from the sun. This informational book makes the reader interested in learning about the light cycle.
LibraryThing member ssdaffron
This book is called "My Light" by Molly Bang. Its all about the sun and all the energy it puts out. It takes readers through specific things that would not work unless there was sunlight. It also talks about the stars that get energy from the sun in order for them to shine. Its very good for
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children because its very educational. It also has really good picures and very colorful.
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LibraryThing member rsimmons
The author gives you a science lesson through this book but she makes it interesting so that the child reading it will enjoy it. The book is all about energy and where it comes from. It tells how people get energy from the sun, water, and wind and how we are able to put it to use.
LibraryThing member amandapfloyd
This book is very scientific. It talks about all the different uses of sunlight. It goes over things such as electricity, solar power, photosynthesis, energy transfer, coal and more. Though it is simply written the topics are more advanced and would be better for older children.
LibraryThing member csteadman
This book is about the sun and how it gives energy to everything on the planet. This would be very educational for students because it shows them how electricity works and what the sun does to give energy to all the plants and animals on earth.
LibraryThing member eggiovanetti
This book is an informational book about the sun and what how it gives out light to the planet. It talks about all the things that the sun does for us, like helping the plants grow. It would be great for older kids who are learning about energy, the sun, and photosenthesis.
LibraryThing member alcrumpler
The story portrays the importance of the sun and how it benefits the earth. Makes for a fun way of learning.
LibraryThing member juliabaird1
This book tells us about the practical use of the sun and how we need it in every aspect of our lives.
LibraryThing member fkozar
Writing from the perspective of the sun's character, Molly Bang talks about the process of energy from the sun to the earth. Her choice of words makes the concept much easier for younger children to be interested in and to understand. This book takes a somewhat advances topic and brings it to a
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child's level of understanding. The full page colorful illustrations also contribute to the information being taught throughout the book.
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LibraryThing member zhelg
This book gives a clear understanding of energy. It shows energy being stored, converted and used. The illustrations and verbal presentation are simple enough for a young child, yet interesting to an adult who generally thinks little about where the energy we use comes from. It could be a great
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book to incorporate into an early education teachers science unit about energy.
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LibraryThing member matthewbloome
This book did with poetry what so often we find it difficult to explain in plain speech, the transferance of energy from one form to another. It's a great science text and the endnotes are incredible and apparently, Molly Bang's website has still further information on the subject. This book was
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incredibly well done. I was very impressed.
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LibraryThing member ndange1
I liked this book for three reasons. First, the point of view was being told from the sun. I like how Molly Bang made the sun a character who is able to speak. She allowed the reader to understand how important the sun is. The sun describes all the ways it helps us - most importantly providing us
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with electricity. Second, this is a nonfiction book, besides the part the sun is the narrator. By having the sun as the narrator, it makes the book interesting to young readers. It allows them to comprehend the vast amount of importance the sun has on our earth. So, in the end, I would classify this book as nonfiction. Lastly, the writing of this book is fun! Bang makes this sort of a poetry book. On many pages, there are about two sentences each, with the exceptions of a few. The writing flows from one reason the sun is so important to the next, but is always a result of it flowing through copper wires to us. The moral of this story is to understand the importance the sun has on our human existence. This is a great book to start a science lesson!
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Gorgeous and effective.
?Def. needs to be in classroom libraries.
?áFour pages of author's notes, a referral to the author's website for more info. about science, energy, and conservation... and I think I saw other books by the author on the theme at the library when I chose this, too.


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