The Mine-O-Saur (Hardcover) By Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

by Sudipita Bardhan-Quallen

Paper Book, 2007



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G. P. Putnam's Sons (2007)


The greedy Mino-o-saur learns the hard way that he needs to share the toys in order to make friends.

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LibraryThing member LaurenAllard
The Mine-O-Saur is about a dinosaur who does not like to share with anyone. He takes toys away from the other dinosaurs so that he can have them all to himself. When he realizes that he has lost all of his friends, he learns to share.

This is a good book to read to kindergarden and first grade
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classes because it teaches the importance of sharing. Sharing is one of the most important lessons children need to learn.

I would use this book as an introduction to a sharing unit. Explain the consequences of not sharing to the students. I would also have the kids draw a picture of themselves sharing with someone.
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LibraryThing member LaRisaNelson
The Mine-o-saur is a dinosaur who doesn't like to share with the other dinosaurs. She ruins playtime and snack time with her stinginess. In the end, when she is left without any friends, she finally learns to share.

I really liked this book. It is a lesson for all little children who are learning
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the value of sharing with others. Children love dinosaurs and this is a great way to keep their attention.

As an extention, I would ask the children as a class if they could tell me some things that would be nice to share with their friends.
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LibraryThing member jemilie
This mordern fantasty is about learning to share fairly. Dinosaurs were portrayed in a normal school setting where they demonstrated actual children behaviors. It was about an extremly selfish dinosaur who claimed everything was his. Then his classmates abandoned him because he refused to
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share. This made feel alone and sad. Therefore, he decided to make amends by trying to share. Although his classmates were a bit reluctant, they allowed him to come joined them finally. But he did not actually change, he only changed to suit the sitution. In other words, it was a means to an end. In the end, he displayed his same selfish ways by claiming that his classmates belonged to him.

This is a very interesting story. It would definately be appropiate for gradek- one. They could easily relate to this story because this is how children that age usually act.

There can be a whole class discussion about persons or themselves who have been selfish. How did they react or how persons reacted to them

The teacher can ask students to bring in something to share in class. The things will be placed on a table and there will be a period where things will be shared equally. The students will not be allowed to give who they want.
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LibraryThing member alisiap
The Mine-O-Saur is an adorable book about a young dinosaur who learns to share with his classmates. When he first arrived to dinosaur school (which is portrayed as a normal elementary school), he claimed that everything in sight was his, and refused to share or play cooperatively with his friends,
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but soon, he learns just how much fun it can be to share with others. This book could be very helpful in helping young children overcome their selfish natures and learn good manners for school. It's most appropriate for preschool-first grade, although there's a lesson inside for everyone.
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LibraryThing member gena93
This mine-o-saur story is about a dinosaur that thinks everything is his. He steals the other dinosaurs snacks and toys. He always says mine, mine, mine. Eventually no one wants to play with him. Everyone ignores him and he gets sad. so he tries to be nice. Gives them their stuff back and finally
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the other dinosaurs forgive him and lets him join in.

Again a story like this reminds me of my 2 year old daughter. she doesn't like to share, but not as bad as mine-o-saur. She can say the word mine now and my favorite time when she says mine is when she's holding me. Mine momma she says. SO SWEET!

Read aloud in the classroom at the beginning of the school year, when we are going over the rules. Use this book as an example of how not to act or how not to treat their friends. make a web on the board and ask the children to compare nice behaviors vs. bad behaviors.
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LibraryThing member TraciAlvey
This book is about a dinosaur who took everyone's toys and snacks because everything was "his". He realized that he couldn't take everyone else's things and still have friends. He gave back the toys and snacks and learned to share and then got his friends.

This is a good story because it teaches
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kids that it is better to share. It also gives children a way to understand how others feel whenever you don't share.

This might be a good story where you can discuss as a class why it is good to share, why the mine-o-saur wasn't liked by his friends, and how the children feel whenever others don't share. As a class you can have a sharing contest throughout the week and award gold stars to students who are seen sharing.
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LibraryThing member mrindt
A great story about a little dinosaur that had problems making friends because he did not share. This would be a good book to read to help studnt understand the need for sharing.
LibraryThing member MrsWeldonlovesbooks
The Mine-O-Saur is a book about a dinosaur who likes to have everything for himself. He takes the other kids toys, snacks, and blocks. All of the other dinosaurs are fine playing without him, and he is left to play all alone. He soon realizes the importance of sharing with his friends.

I really
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enjoyed reading this book. I believe it is best for pre-k to 1st grade. It is one of my 6 year olds favorites. I think sharing is one of the most important lessons for young children to learn, and by using dinosaurs the children will stay interested.

I would use this book to introduce a lesson on sharing. We would discuss how not to treat your friends. I would also have each student bring something to share with the class.
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LibraryThing member Maria.kuntz
Summary: Mineosaur is a dino who thinks everything is his and doesn't like to share. He wouldn't share toys, snacks and blocks. He realizes nothing is fun when he is all by himself because the others don't like him. Then he starts to share.

Personal Experience: I like the quote, "My friends. Your
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Classroom Ideas:
1. This is a great book to teach the students how to share, and how no one wants to play with someone who does't share.
2. I would ask the students to write in their journals a good sharing experience and how they felt when they didn't share.
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LibraryThing member MSmith060511
This is a great book to read if you are having a problem with sharing with your students or personal children. The Mine-o-saur doesn't want to share anything, and nobody wants to be his friend! He learns that it is more fun to share things with his friends than play by himself.
LibraryThing member KaraCalderon
This a book about a little dinosaour who doesn't like to share. Before school starts he begins grabbing everything the other dinosaours are playing with and yelling,"Mine,Mine,Mine!" This is the pattern of the book. Everytime the other dinosaurs try to play, eat, or build with something the
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mine-o-saur is right there grabbing it yelling "MINE!" He figures out it is lonely being by yourself no matter how many toys you have. When he tries to play with the others they don't want to play with him, that is until he shows that he knows how to share. In the end they all learn to share and become friends.

Personal Reaction:
I like this book because it shows kids how to share, and that having all the toys isn't that much fun with no one to play with. I also like at the end the mine-o-saur says "My friends! You're Mine!"

Extension Ideas:
1.)This is a great book to read the first week of class to introduce class rules,sharing,and playing together.
2.)You can have a class discussion on a time when someone took something from them, and how they worked it out. Have each student find a toy in the class they like to play with, and have them share it with the person sitting next to them.
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LibraryThing member JLGadberry
A group of dinosaurs are at school and the Mine-o-saur keeps hogging everything (the blocks, the snacks, the toys, etc) until finally the other dinosaurs declare that they want nothing to do with the Mine-o-saur anymore. The Mine-o-saur realizes that the would rather have friends over
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having all the stuff to himself and apologizes and returns everything.

Personal Reflection:
This book made me chuckle as we have all had to deal with kids like this. It was a good portrayal of how someone's selfish behavior impacts everyone else without being overly didactic.

Classroom Extension:
- This would be a great book to use in a classroom setting if there is an issue with a child being overly selfish, without having to blatantly name or single out a specific child.
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LibraryThing member attebb
A story about learning how to share and the consequences that happen when you are selfish. MIneosaur is greedy when it comes to the toys and food at school and after taking everyone's item on too many times, the other dinosaurs decide that they don't need any toys to play and leave Minosaur to play
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by himself. Realizing that there is nobody to care about what he does or anyone to play with, Mineosaur decides to take back the toys. The dinosaurs agree to let him play with them and Minosaur learns that being selfish is no way to treat friends. The message of the story was good for children to learn and an intro into a discussion parents or teachers can have when those behaviors come up or to do when establishing routines at the beginning of the school year. The illustrations were also cute and the use of the dinosaurs ought to appeal to younger children.
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LibraryThing member rsaenz4
Mine-O-Saur is a selfish dinosaur who does not like to share anything at school. He yells, "MINE, MINE, MINE." The other dinosaurs do not like that he doesn't like to share. The moral of the story is to learn how to share. It is until Mine-o-Saur realizes that after taking all the toys and
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food away from the other dinosaurs that they stopped caring and they just played together. Mine-o-Saur realizes that he was alone and had nobody to play with and that it was no fun to have all the toys and all the food if he was alone. That is when he tells the dinosaurs that he will share and they become friends.

Great illustrations and the text rhymes making it much more interesting for children. Some of the names of the dinasaurs are a bit difficult to read but other than that this book would be a great read-a-aloud for children in early elementary years. I also like the moral of the story.
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LibraryThing member bstove1
I liked The Mine-O-Saur for several reasons including the language the author used and the illustrations. I liked that the book followed a rhyme pattern. Whenever the font changed to red, the first three lines ended in rhyming words and the last line ended in a word other than one that rhymes
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(1-1-1-2). For example, on page three the ending words are wall, ball, all, and mine, so the first three rhyme. Also, the phrase “Mine! Mine! Mine!” is repeated many times throughout the story which adds predictability to the story and familiarity. The illustrations also provided a good reading experience. The illustrations are very animated which adds to the interest level in the book. The dinosaurs are all very cartoon like with exaggerated features. The Mine-o-saur has very big eyes with a compact body and unusual features. The illustrations also go well with the mood of the story. The Mine-o-saur has a very angry facial expression when he takes away the toys from the other dinosaurs, but that changed to a very lonely, sad facial expression when he is shunned by the other dinosaurs in the end. The expression in the dinosaurs’ faces follow the mood the author is representing in the story. The main message of this story is that sharing with others is the best way to behave and make friends.
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LibraryThing member Truly.Mae.Pettijohn
Summary- A greedy dinosaur never learns to share.

Personal Opinion- The Mine-O-Saur learns to share to a cute story. It reminds me of some of the kids I grew up with.

Classroom Extension- 1)How to share. 2) What happens to people and how they behave.
LibraryThing member WesGen
“But the feast wasn't as much fun when it was made for one.” This book teaches children how to make this world a “better place” by teaching them about selfishness, and what it can do to them. A good activity to do with this book would be to have the kids discuss what the Mine-O-Saur was
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doing wrong. Ask guided questions like. Is this good behavior? What could he do different? How would you act? Have the kids play charades about not sharing, then about sharing. This will let them act out or watch each scenario.
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LibraryThing member Santiago_M.
A story of a little dinosaur called Mine-o-Soar in the story that would take all the toys from the other little dinosaurs saying, “Mine, Mine, Mine.” as he takes the toys from the other little dinosaurs with a “roar, roar, roar.” So the little dinosaurs would stay away from him and
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go off on their own little group and play. Soon the little dinosaur realized that he was all alone and no one to play with. So he finally realized that if he did not share the toy with others little dinosaurs they were not going to play with him, and he will be all alone. He finally decides to share the toys with the other little dinosaurs and they played all together and had fun.
Personal Reflection:
The illustrations in the book shows how some kids may act in this manner and what kids will do if one of them behaves this way, children will stay away from them and they will be all by their self , because kids want to have fun and not be mean to one a others.
Classroom Extension:
1. Teaches children that sharing with one other is very important.
2. That when a child does not share with other, they will find themselves all by their self and no one to play with.
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LibraryThing member Kim_Riedmann12
This book was about a dinosaur that did not want to share anything, no matter what. Everything he saw or anyone had was to be his. Nobody at the school wanted to be his friend because he took everything from them. Once the Mine-o-Saur realized that the one thing he didn't have was friends.
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He was sad because nobody wanted to play with him. He then brought all his toys to his friends and apologized to them.

Personal reaction-
I think the book did a good job explaining the concept of sharing. It was cute book and the name of the dinosaur that didn't share was adorable.

classroom extensions
1. talk about sharing
2. practice sharing.
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