Not Your Typical Dragon

by Dan Bar-el

Paperback, 2013



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Viking (2013)


"When Crispin Blaze turns seven, he's expected to breathe fire like all the other dragons. But instead of fire, he breathes a host of unusual things"--Provided by publisher.

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LibraryThing member natalie.loy
This story is about a dragon who does not breathe fire. The other dragons in the book, when mad, will growl and fire will come out of their mouths. However, for one little dragon fire does not come out, but fun and goofy things come out of his mouth. For example, he is able to breathe music and
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bubbles. All the other dragons make fun of him and his inability to breathe fire. The other dragons make fun of the little dragon, but when a parent makes fun of him his father gets angry and breathes so much fire it burns down the house. When the house burns down they realize the dad breathed fire out of anger and maybe the little dragon breathes fire out of kindness. As a result, they learn to accept the little dragons uniqueness and everyone becomes friends.
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LibraryThing member EmilyJayneMann
This book is about accepting one another. It would be awesome for the younger grades and could also be used for the older grades. The humor makes this book so great!
LibraryThing member Kelseybelsey29
Little dragon can breathe everything but fire. He tries to run away to figure out how to breathe fire. At the end, there's a big fire and he breathes water to extinguish the fire and save the day
LibraryThing member blt012
This book could be used for teaching cause/effect and indivally. The students would love this book because it makes them laugh and you dont know what the dragon is going to do next.
LibraryThing member paulina.chapa
This book would be good to teach about individuality, respect and cause/effect. The kids loved the book because it made them laugh during the entire story, and because it is not a typical story.
LibraryThing member CiaraLohman
Not Your Typical Dragon is a children’s book about a seven year old dragon ready to start breathing fire like all the other dragons. On his seventh birthday, Crispin tries to lite the candles on his birthday cake but instead….whipped cream comes out. No matter how hard he tries he cannot
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breathe fire, but he can breathe marshmallows, band aids, beach balls, and teddy bears. One day he runs away because everyone is saying that he is not a real dragon because he cannot breathe fire. Crispin meets a knight who is supposed to fight a fire breathing dragon. Together they try to solve Crispin’s problem but cannot, so the knight walks Crispin home. When they arrive Crispin’s family is so relieved to see him. But the knight’s father comes to the door and makes fun of Crispin because he cannot breathe fire. Crispin’s father gets mad and blows fire all over the place and sets their house a blaze. No one can put it out, expect Crispin. Crispin breathes water all over the house and saves everyone, and everyone loves him because he is special.
I really loved this book, it was so cute and inspiring. Everyone is different in this world and we shouldn’t make fun of people because of what sets them apart. I think children will love and learn from this book. It will show them that they are special because of what makes them different from one another. As a child, I had a hard time with realizing that, now as an adult, I can embrace that and teach my children that concept.
Some classroom extension’s for this book is:
1. After the teacher reads the book, the class could draw a picture about something that makes them special. This would help self-esteem.
2. After the teacher reads the book, children could pick a partner and say what they like about their friend that makes them special. This would help self-esteem.
3. After the teacher reads the book, children could write about if they could breathe something magical, what would it be? This would help creative thinking.
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LibraryThing member SashaM
Cute and clever book about being different and understanding that it give you a few advantages to not be the same as everyone else
LibraryThing member kerribrary
Crispin the not-so-typical dragon is definitely going to be part of my next (dragon-themed) storytime. I love the story itself and the message about being yourself that it conveys, but I also think it'll be a really great book to read aloud. Lots of humor, and getting to reveal what happens each
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time Crispin tries to breathe fire will be a lot of fun (I just briefly considered having props during my reading of the story, but that might complicate it a bit).
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Nevada Young Readers' Award (Nominee — 2017)
Chocolate Lily Reader's Choice Awards (Nominee — Picture Book — 2015)


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